that didn't sparkle with her, did it?


♥「bottom bitch」♥

Sam | 22 | M | dutch
stendy is my uber otp.

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same tho jfc a+ band i wanna cosplay from it but sweats i’m gay

stop being gay and do it anyways :*

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yeah bless gorillaz

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standarshx replied to your post: anonimo ha chiesto:what are you f…


IT’S TRUE i love sam he is also one of my favorite things tbh

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i really want a pair of black sclera contacts but they’re so expensive if you want them with prescription :// like 100 bucks a piece?? 200 bucks for a pair of contacts that i don’t wear on a daily basis? if only i got born into a rich family that didn’t care about money 

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lmao im just taking a break from my ask blog for a bit because all these great stan cosplayers make me feel insecure also gifpal is a piece of shit



draco malfoy @ standarshx
pansy parkinson @ kilebarffloskix

I love her like a sister and I reckon she feels the same way about me.

I love her like a sister and I reckon she feels the same way about me.

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reblog if your url represents who you really are 


“what was your key motivation for this piece”

oh idk the due date

Ugh i woke up an hour earlier than planned because i forgot to close my curtains completely. Thank u sun.

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